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May 2012

A Unique "Gem"

          A Unique "Gem"
Just off to the side of the bustling Emmaus square, a half of a block down Chestnut St., you could almost miss the narrow store with the red door, except as you stroll by, the vibrant exotic prints decorating the inlaid windows catch your eye just in time to draw you  through the heavy door. Once inside, you could be at any hip, artistic Bohemian store from New Hope to Providence. Stop and slowly take it all in, because it's rare that any two item are alike!

5 Minute Makeover for a Photo

                    5- Minute Makeover for a Photo
When getting a professional photo taken, stop to consider what that image is for, who is going to see it, what image do you want to reflect in the photo.  Putting a little time in before-hand, can ensure that you get the image that you want.
You can see from the photos here, that in 5-10 minutes of makeup, and adding an accessory, the image is completely changed.

Destination Dresses Sage of The Promenade Shops of Saucon Valley

New post onLehigh Valley Magazine
    Destination Dresses

Wardrobe Makeovers Start in Your Closet

          Wardrobe Makeovers
          Start in the Closet
As a Wardrobe Stylist, I know that most customers feel that they do not have a handle on what they have in they're closet, before even considering buying more!
As goes the saying,  "I have a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear!"
Before Shopping with a client, I often suggest a Wardrobe Audit, where we purge, we  re-invent, we make new outfits out of already owned items just be combining pieces differently, and/or accessorizing differently.
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